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  • Pebble Ministick Powerbank

Plenty of fish in the sea, plenty of pebbles on the beach. Not all of them'll bring an empty phone back from the dead though...

Phone manufacturing is on a roll. It's a space race for who can fit the most in the thinnest case. Unfortunately, us regular users, or losers, have been left out in the cold sobbing holding dead phones mumbling "can we just have more battery life please?" Keep yourself firmly on the grid with the Pebble Ministick powerbank. With 1800mAh of extra charge in your pocket, simply plug your Android, Apple or Windows phone or tablet in using a regular charging cable to recharge your electronic devices on the go. It has an LED indicator to tell you how juiced the Pebble is, a loop to attach to a key-chain, and it's even coated in rubber to keep it protected from impacts. This is one accessory that really puts the fun in functional!

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Pebble Ministick Powerbank

  • Product Code: EGP-6
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