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Almost have an ‘art-attack whenever you see your kid crayon-in-hand? Try out chaos-free creation with today’s deal…

Does your mischievous Michelangelo like to leave murals all over your newly-painted walls? Or maybe they’re more of a baby Banksy? Either way, this deal will distract them with a new medium - water drawing! These reusable doodle mats are simple and stunning to use. Just get them wet, hand your little one the ‘water magic’ pen and let the creativity commence! Perfect for pen-drawing in the paddling pool, this mat comes in small or large for solo or collaborative efforts. With the large mat including two pens, you can join in the fun for some family self-portraits… don’t worry if you’re a rubbish artist, the colourful images will just fade away. Quick, get this deal before it draws to a close!

  • Get a kids’ doodle mat!
  • Choose from small or large.
  • Water-based drawing for masses of mess-free masterpieces!
  • Comes with ‘water magic’ pens, no more broken crayons.
  • Water the mats and watch their scribbling skills grow!

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Kids’ Doodle Mat

  • Product Code: KP-2
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ৳3,250.00
  • ৳850.00